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Alistair, Darling... please...
So he was flapping his chops yesterday about how Labour supporters have no "fire in their bellies". Why on earth should they??? What have they been offering? The Labour party seem to have become the Left Wing Conservative party, led by the personality-free zone that is Gordon Brown. They remind me in some ways of my old school canteen. It was never brilliant, but it filled your belly and you felt like you had decent options in choosing to eat there. Then the Jamie-Oliver era of 'healthy' school dinners swept in (in my opinion a movement based more on condemning the food children had been consuming than teaching them how to have more of a varied, tasty but healthy diet to set them up for life). My school, despite being one of the top three in the country, appeared to decide that a new, healthier menu for us took too much money and effort, and simply removed all the tasty/unhealthy food and left only the few passable meals that slipped through the net, raising the prices in the process. We were hungry, broke, stressed at being unable to unwind with a tasty bite for 45 minutes after difficult days preparing for exams. We were dissatisfied. It led to breakaways, sneaking up the town even though it was forbidden and often more expensive, and a year later a boycott was staged when there was to be another price hike (it was successful, and made the money-grubbing head chef, who actually managed to win school chef of year despite former employees claiming she would have served us rat droppings if it saved her a few pennies, cry!). When our options were removed, we turned elsewhere, to candidates which offered us more in comparison, even though we knew we shouldn't be giving them our custom. Labour have done little to inspire, satisfy and serve their supporters or attract new voters, let alone make up for the mistakes it had already made in recent years. The smarmy, horrendous and thoroughly unlikable Cameron looks like a right-wing JFK in comparison to Brown's dull, anxious-looking but well-meaning Nixon.

On the subject of personalities, X Factor has always been sinonymous to me with lack therof. Spitting out goody-goody aria-screaming divas, pub quality rat-packers or performers who are poor imitations of acts already in the charts, all armed with stories about how their granny's favourite dog died in a tragic golf-cart accident (and I'm sure they were with them in all of their performances...howling along), but no interesting persona, none that hasn't been forced or clearly fabricated anyway. Which is why I'm kind of rooting for the vile Grimes twins, John Paul and Edward. They're not overly good, but they make things interesting, plus they look a lot like one of my weirder exes (and that's saying something) which I find humorous. So John Paul and Edward to win! Let the nice guy finish last! Because 'nice' doesn't necessarily mean 'likable'.

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LOL! I agree about the whole sobbing backstory thing... how does that enhance anything? I don't watch these shows but saw the Peter Kay parody and now I just think of him when I do see it.

I do end up seeing "Strictly Come Dancing" because my daughter's horrible little school friends all watch it and so she "has to", oh blinking hell peer pressure! One of the many things about that which annoy me are ... why the title? It's like, someone has taken two disparate ideas, which in their own way made sense, and they've squished them together with Scotch tape leaving a bizarre messy hybrid. "Strictly Ballroom" was a film, or something, or a television show, or something? And in its own merits it makes sense, ie "This is nothing but ballroom dancing". And meanwhile some other show was called "Come Dancing", which is acceptable in its way. But "Strictly Come Dancing"???? In a hundred year's time, any linguistics experts are going to be all scratchy-of-head when faced with this title. they'll search in vain for instances of people naturally ejaculating to one another "I say Petunia, Strictly come dancing with me won't you?" There will be no record of such strangled English usage anywhere in the books! The title will make NO sense! So that's one thing that annoys me. Actually one of many things. It riles me, especially having to watch it at all thanks to my daughter. Who would be a mother!

S4- I agree it is a stupid name- the name of the film 'Strictly Ballroom' (one of my all-time favourites) is quite a meaningful name- my Gender teacher used to discuss this film (the one time I felt I actually knew things in class haha!) as a metaphor for the societal rules and restrictions we all feel we 'must' follow in order to succeed in life- ie as the film quotes "you must dance the federation steps" and all must dance "strictly ballroom", thus impeding the fiesty and creative young lead dancer who wishes to have freedom in the profession he loves. 'Strictly Come Dancing', just doesn't make sense at all lol, but it can be pretty to watch when they're not messing it up. I do think ballroom dancing, and most forms of dancing, is lovely!

And PP, I agree completely about X Factor- technical flawlessness at times, but no creativity, heart, flair or authentic experience behind it, and it doesn't usually have anything to do with not having written their own songs. Meatloaf for example had his songs written for him by Jim Steinman, but his voice had such power and emotion, filled with the pain of his own life and his raw talent, that they were instantly meaningful songs. And Morrissey singing 'Moon River' brings a tear to my eye, because you know fully of the joy such old songs bring to him. Whereas people trotting out either the same old tired classics, or songs currently in the charts just because they're currently in the charts, just isn't the same at all.

P.S. I feel I gave the impression that I actually watch Strictly- I don't!

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