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The Saturdays on a Saturday- ergh!
The Saturdays were just on the telly (with a very annoying and prissy new T4 hostess)- I can't stand them! They are the perfect poster girls for the negative aspirations of the modern woman- they are famous, successful with plenty of money and always look amazing, but they are plastic, dull, unintelligent and talentless, having success in an field that should be all about originality, creative smarts and plain old God-given gifts. Yet they are successes on the back of other people's work, a cheap, explotative, money-grubbing modern music industry and the fact that they wear miles of make-up, maintain size zero figures and pose in their knickers... grrrrrrr! Sorry, it just really annoys me. I'm not jealous, I wouldn't fancy their kind of career if I'm honest, but I am bitter about the demise of music, and the insistance of the entertainment industries to treat the consumer as an idiot. What's wrong with being interesting and thought-provoking? Too much of a risk it would seem. Pfffffffffffft!

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I will have to check them out.

I just tend to avoid the media wh*res that annoy me, if I possibly can. And seek out my own entertainment. Content yourself that nobody will remember anything about them in about ten years time (or five minutes, lol!)

PS You've started a blog!!!! Kudos.

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I COMPLETELY agree with you about the Sugababes- I was actually going to blog saying the exact same thing! I liked them when they started, even for a while when they had Heidi Range even though she was clearly just eye candy, because they were original, different and had personality and attitude, forming together naturally and all with their own original sound, with lyrics that meant something to them. unlike other smarmy/unintelligent/bitchy girlbands. Now they are simply babes, not Sugababes- all fully in line with current trends of beauty and marketable music- it's all a bit tragic really!

Though I must note, I despise La Roux (I find the voise very grating) and don't really have much of an opinion on FATM, but they seem ok.

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